Life on the Ohio in Southern Indiana   Leave a comment

Flooding of this spring has finally subsided. It’s 98 today, heat index off the chart. The man in the store in Madison says he doesn’t think much of global warming since the sun has an elliptical orbit & things change. “But if there is global warming,” he adds, “it’s because of the Chinese & the Mexicans.”

Down by the river: Black Vultures & Turkey Vultures waiting for something to wash up, Skunk Hollow Yacht Club, trailers like mushrooms on the Kentucky side, power plant smokestacks sticking up through the trees west from where I sit, in front of Lanier Mansion. He made his money how? Banking, finance, railroads.

The steamboats are long gone, as well as a number of more recent Madison businesses, but life returns, again & again, along the river. The walk is paved with memorial bricks, kids yell from the Crystal Beach pool (built by WPA), young men play one-on-one bball & an old man fishes for bass.

At the Madison Lighthouse, a waitress tells a customer, “It was my first regatta. I had goosebumps the whole day.” I sit, all sweaty from my waterfront prowl, & watch the Ohio silver at sunset — King of Beers, fan on this outdoor porch blowing breezes from further down the river, Sinatra singing “Summer Wind” — & when I walk back up the bank I find 6 middle-aged women doing yoga (forward bend, warrior) & church bells ringing.


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