“The Bloom of the Present Moment”   Leave a comment

Rivers in the news. In our local paper, a story about the Ohio River & its shipping potential. “The tri-state area should develop a port authority that views the river as a global logistics center….” The article concludes with a quotation from Republican Congressman John Carey, Jr.: “‘We have to build upon our natural resources if we want to build prosperity.'” In the view expressed by this Associated Press story, the meaning of the river is global logistics center; our duty, if we want to be prosperous—”successful in material terms; flourishing financially”—is to build on it.

Also this week but not covered by the Associated Press: Ed Miller organizes a float with friends on Old Woman Creek. 5 cars carry 8 people & 5 vessels to the put-in. In canoes and kayaks we enter the creek, we become estuary & the moment blooms.

The world seems to open as we glide into a liquid field of water lillies. Molecules slide round the wide lily leaf & merge. Light, rhizome, heron, egret, motion, water — drops, rays, motes — life’s fragrance as vagrants from smaller worlds gather, collect, and combine. From inside it, the day enlarges.

We are unbuilt; the moment deliquesces. Lily — Nymphaea — coming into being in the water, on the water, in the air — the meaning of Old Woman Creek — of all rivers.




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