The Second Annual L.A. River Boat Race   Leave a comment

It’s back! People have another opportunity to experience firsthand the mysteries of the L.A. River with other kayakers, canoeists, and paddle-boarders. The most excellent George Wolfe, founder of L.A. River Expeditions & one of the major players in bringing the river to the attention of human beings, will be welcoming boaters of all ages & abilities Saturday, August 8.

la_river_poster(large text outlined)

In honor of the race, and also in celebration of the great L.A. writer Raymond Chandler (b. 7/28/1888), here are some of the mysteries available to the river’s intrepid boaters.

“He lifted his hands off the desk & made a steeple of the fingers,

like an old time family lawyer getting set for a little tangled grammar.

—Chandler, The High Window

The L.A. River needed a drink,


… the L.A. River needed a lot of life insurance,


… the L.A. River needed a vacation,


… the L.A. River needed a home in the country.


What the L.A. River had was a coat, a hat and a gun.


“I’m going the way I always go,” I said. “With an airy smile and a quick flip of the wrist. And with a deep and heartfelt hope that I won’t be seeing you in the fish bowl. Good night.” —Chandler, The High Window


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